Emigration of Arp, Dethmann, Rohwedder, Stoltenberg, Tietjens and Timm families from Schleswig-Holstein

About a quarter of a million people emigrated from Schleswig-Holstein to overseas countries. The following registers shows members of some families, who emigrated over the port of Hamburg in the period 1850 to 1870 (or 1900). Professor Doctor Klaus Timm has researched the emigration of this families, based on the passenger list of the Hamburg Staatsarchiv.

Published online by Hans Peter Voss (Professional Researcher in Schleswig-Holstein).

Emigration of:

Arp families 1850-1870

Dethmann families 1850-1870

Rohwedder (Rowedder) families 1850-1870

Stoltenberg families 1850-1870

Tietjen families 1850-1870

Timm families 1848-1900


Published by Hans Peter Voss in January/February 2002 and in February/March 2004

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Genealogical Research in Schleswig-Holstein
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