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Former access to genealogical databases e.g.: family trees, passenger lists, online searchable emigrant listings, and a lot more.

The most of this websites were published from 1999 up to 2004.

During the last years a lot has changed in the German and European Law about online publishing, and because of that I had to delete several of by websites.

Maybe some of them will be online again in 2021/2022.


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Emigrants from Schleswig-Holstein to America in 1636-1667 <<< New in 2003
Professor Doctor Eng. Klaus Timm wrote this article about the first known emigrants from Schleswig-Holstein to New Amsterdam (New York) in 1636-1667. You find the names of the first 75 emigrants here.
And you can look at a map of the year 1656 of this area.

Emigrants list by surname
Professor Doctor Eng. Klaus Timm researched the emigrants of the families:
ARP 1850-1870
DETHMANN 1850-1870
ROHWEDDER 1850-1870
<<< new in February 2004 <<<
TIETJEN 1850-1870 and
TIMM 1848-1900
by using the passenger lists of the Hamburg Staatsarchiv



The AGGSH e.V. in Schleswig Holstein = several data banks online (e.g. Census and Emigration)
The AGGSHe.V. is a non profit society of historians and genealogists with these aims:
- jointly undertake intensive research of emigration from Schleswig-Holstein and to publish the results;
- transcribing the Schleswig-Holstein Census registers of 1769 to 1860 and to make them freely available as data banks;
- furthering German-Danish and German-American cooperation in the fields of historical and genealogical research;
- cultivating a close cooperation with the provincial, federal, church and regional archives to the extent that their  records may be accessed within the framework of AGGSH projects.



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